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Where are we?

Our Address: Spinn Cafe (Fengzhuan Kafei Guan),
3/F, 7 - 9 Beijing West Road, Lhasa City, Tibet
(inside Dalan Hostel, opposite the northern gate of Lhasa Hotel)
Postal code: 850000
Phone: +86-13989088152

Directions: Take a taxi or walk to the Lhasa Hotel, find the northern gate, we are right opposite the Lhasa Hotel. Located inside the compound of Dalan Hostel on third floor.

Opening hours: From 13:00 to 19:00 everyday, serving coffee, drinks, cocktails, beers...

Phone: +86-13989088152 (Tibetan and Chinese only)

Email: kongjr@gmail.com

We have more ways of contact, see About Us.