Spinn Cafe 風轉咖啡館 རླུང་བསྐོར་ཁ་ཕེ་ཇ་ཁང་།
Lhasa City, Tibet 西藏拉薩 བོད་། ལྷ་ས།
GPS: 29.6550194, 91.1293139

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We are recommended by the Lonely Planet Tibet (8th edition, April 2011).
"Spinn Cafe and Bar. This funky, tiny backstreet cafe/bar is a hang-out for cold beer, filter coffee, teas and snacks and is a good resource for travel information (especially biking). It's down a back alley off Beijing Donglu. Contact Kong or Oat. "

We are recommended by the Rough Guide China (6th edition, July 2011).
"Spinn Cafe. Run by two cycling-mad expats - Kong from hong Kong and Oat from Thailand - this is a nice enough place for a decent cup of coffee, the owners are a fount of knowledge and their website is regularly updated with the latest travel situation."